About Rut Ríkey

Rut Ríkey Tryggvadóttir is a textile artist and tailor from Iceland. Raised by a single mom who was also a tailor and a painter, in a home that was an art studio, it was inevitable for Rut Ríkey to follow the same path. Yet finding her own by combining painting and sewing into an applique art works. The theme is always the same, erotica and sensual moments as feminine expressions.

Fascinated by the endless possibilities of working with fabrics Rut Ríkey has been designing and tailor making clothes for men and women for decades. She also tailor made priest cassocks for years. In 2005 she decided to work only on textile art and experiment with various technique, such as textile appliqué, textile transfer and mixed media.


Textile transfer:

Is a very exciting art technique since it requires one to use your drawing, painting and sewing skills, yet it´s dangerous and a delicate method. It starts with a drawing on a special paper, on which you  paint the painting with particular water based pigments.  When the painting is finished it is transferred to a chosen fabric in a heat press at 180 degrees for 3 minutes. This is the most dangerous process, since it may move during the transfer and then both the painting and transfer are then ruined. Mastering this technique takes a lot of trial and error, but seeing a successful transfer is fantastic.  After transferring I sew frames with exotic fabrics, such as silk, velvet and brocade that I buy in the exquisite fabric stores in Florence, London, Copenhagen, Melbourne, Sydney,



2005 – 2019 Working on textile art, exploring and developing textile transfer -  Theme: feminine sensual moments

1986 – 2019 Working as designer and tailor of men and women clothing

2019               Meistaraskólinn in Reykjavík - Master degree in Tailoring

2019               Art residency in Florency - Working on 3D Fabric Manipulation

2018               Art residency in Melbourne - Working with Mixed Media and Collage

2018          Art residency in Florence – Painting for Textile transfer and working with Mixed Media 3D

2018          Art recidensy in Florence - Painting for Textile transfer

2017                Art residency in Melbourne and Sydney - Working on 3D textile works and mixed media

2017                Accademia Europea di Firenze - Italy - Textile Design

2017                Art residency in Florence - Painting for Textile transfer

2016                Art residency in Sydney - Developing 3D Textile projects

2015               Art residency in Florence - Painting for Textile transfer

2013          Art residency in Sydney - Developing 3D Textile projects

1996 – 2003 Working on textile art, specializing in textile appliqué - Theme: feminine erotic art and sensual moments

2003               Iceland academy of the arts  –  textile transfer

2002               University of Iceland –  Icon semiotics

1997               Leirkrúsin - Iceland - Ceramic art

1997               Jónas Bragi - Glass artist in Iceland - Glass art

1990 - 1994   Technical college in Reykjavík -  Tailor - Bachelor

1992               Technical college in Reykjavík - Clothing technology & engineering

1982               Maria Theresa Textile artist - Batik technique

1980 - 1983   Hamrahlíð college

1979               Reykjavík school of visual art - Ceramic - Drawing - Textiles

1979               Dale Carnegie - Oratoria efectiva

1978               Dale Carnegie - Public speaking

1978               Commercial college of Iceland - Economics



2019: Artfestival „Konstsafari“ in Kungsör Sweden  http://www.konstsafari.se/

2018  „Vernissage“ Behind Closed Doors in the convent of Santa Reparata, Florence, Italy.

2015 A´mare tango festival, Regina del Mar, Pisa, Italy – "Threads of sensual moments" – textile transfer

2015 La Vikinga boutique, Malmö, Sweden – "Threads of sensual moments" – textile transfer

2009  Gallerie Eros, Copenhagen, Denmark – "Erotic art" - textile transfer

1999  Perlan, Reykjavík – "Erotic art" – textile appliqué

1998  Gallery Borg, Reykjavík – erotic art works and fashion show – textile appliqué

1998 Gallery Svarthamar, Reykjavík - erotic art works - textile appliqué

1997 Perlan, Reykjavík -  erotic art works and fashion show – textile appliqué

1996 Grand Hótel, Reykjavík – erotic art works and fashion show – textile appliqué

1995 Hótel Saga, Reykjavík  – fashion show

1994 Hótel Íslands, Reykjavík – fashion show

1993 Hótel Ísland, Reykjavík – fashion show

1992  Þórs café, Reykjavík – fashion show


Fashion competition: AIPP COUFFURE in Reykjavík 1995:

First prize: Men´s wear

First prize: Free style

Third prize: Women´s day wear


Fashion competition: AIPP COUFFURE in Reykjavík 1996:


First prize: Open style

First prize: Free style

First prize: Men´s evening wear

First prize: Men´s day wear

First prize: Ladies gala dress

Second prize: Men´s day wear